About us

Have you ever spotted the house of your dreams and wanted to slip a note under the door to see if they'd be willing to sell? Or what about every house on a street, or even an entire neighbourhood? Now you can! With I Want That Home you can send a message to all kinds of homeowners that might be willing to sell. You never know until you try.

House hunting is frustrating enough but your dreams don't have to be dashed by the lack of a "For Sale" sign anymore. We connect you with the homeowners in the place or home you want to live. You can change the bricks and mortar or re-landscape the property but you can't change your surroundings. That's why I Want That Home is based on the most important aspect of buying: location.

It's easy, simply select your favourite house, street or neighbourhood and then choose to 'send a message' to let them know you're interested in buying. You can even send a postcard to make sure they get your message. Then the rest is up to you and them.

Connect with the home of your dreams, not just one that's for sale.

And, while you're here, don't forget to check your in-box. Someone might want to buy your home!